The Way to Stop Binge Eating During PMS

binge eating pms

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) can cause uncomfortable symptoms in girls, generally beginning a fortnight before the beginning of their menstrual cycle. During this period, you can experience breast tenderness, headaches, dyspepsia, back pain, binge eating and mood swings. Over the-counter medication can help relieve several of those symptoms. Others, including binge eating, should be combated with forbearance and self-denial. Have a question? Get an answer from the Health Professional now!


1. Eat a breakfast. A wholesome breakfast should contain : grain, protein, fruit and dairy. For example, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, whole grain toast and orange juice will be a healthful breakfast choice. Eating a *complete breakfast will allow you to begin your day off right and reduce your likelihood of binge eating throughout your day.

2. Eat in modest quantities each day. A smoothie, a protein bar, vegetables and dip or apple pieces are nutritious snack choices. Smaller meals each day will hold your belly full and hold your metabolism running in a wholesome rate.

3. Consume protein throughout the day. Protein has a tendency to make us feel fuller for an extended time period. This will reduce your fate of catching snacks which are not as healthy.

4. Keep hydrated by consuming loads of fluids. Water is the fluid of selection because it doesn’t have calories and helps cut down on PMS bloating. The water will allow you to stay complete, which makes it not as likely that you simply will overeat.

5. Allow yourself a little treat during the day. Enjoying a snack like a scoop of ice cream or 2 biscuits will help stop you from feeling deprived, which, in turn, can decrease the urge to binge.

6. Eat until you feel full, then cease. Regardless of how much food is left on your own plate, quit eating when you feel full. If you are dining out, take home leftovers instead of overeating.

Warnings & tips

Talk to your physician about your PMS symptoms before following any diet plan.

Avoid salty foods to reduce PMS symptoms.

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